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MSP in the News!!

Because "*STEP" has become more popular among schoolchildren, our school has been covered by the local paper.
*Society for Testing English Proficiency

2012 Ehime Newspaper

We went to Jonofuchi Park on the hottest day of April.And our school has been covered by the local paper.

2011 Yomiuri Newspaper

Because English Language Education will be mendatory in all the elementary schools in 2011, our school has been coverd by the local paper.

2010 Ehime Newspaper

Our yearly Halloween Party, every 4th weekend of October has been covered by both newspapers and television.
Our 2006 event was broadcast on NHK news on October 26. Our 2004 and 2005 events were both the subject of large articles in the local paper.

2004 Ehime Newspaper
2004 Ehime Newspaper
2005 Sankei Newspaper
2005 Sankei Newspaper

Our school, the first international school in Matsuyama, has been featured in the local paper. Both our old curriculum and our new, revamped English preschool style courses have gathered a lot of attention.

2006 Ehime Newspaper
2006 Ehime Newspaper