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Elementary Rabbit ClassTwice a week

Elementary School students

The aim is to basic English while immersed in an English only environment. It is taught in combination with reading and writing classes.

This class is recommended to kids who may have already started learning English, but can only speak in single words. Our class is led by a native English-speaker who uses not just a textbook, but various activities to raise kids’ speaking abilities. A Japanese teacher also instructs the children in reading and writing based on the rules of phonics, While the reading class is optional, if taken from an early age, it is extremely effective in raising a child’s English level.

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 lesson Time
  • 60 minute English conversation class with a native English speaker + a 30 minute reading class with a Japanese teacher.
  • Maximum 8 students
  • Our reading class consists of a Japanese teacher walking children through phonics and simple three letter words along with our original worksheets.
  • After attending the Elementary Rabbit Class for 2 years , a student may advance to Elementary Monkey class 1st grade.
Elementary Rabbit Class