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What is an MSP English Course?

Our goal: to let young learners, even learning for the first time, gain the ability to express themselves fully in English!

English conversation classes at MSP are recommended for parents looking to supplement their child’s English education. However, while most English conversation classes focus on “input”, our focus is getting as much “output” from children as possible. Since our classes are taught by native English speakers, children learn the proper pronunciation of living English. Also, for our Elementary school aged children, we offer a special phonics reading course designed to balance with the conversation class and give the children high abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 80% of students attending MSP are able to pass the Eiken 5th level test after only four years of class.

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What are phonics?

Phonics are a method developed originally to teach young children to read at a younger age. In the way that Japanese children begin their learning with the five vowel sounds of Japanese, children from English-speaking countries learn the phonics. At an early age, it’s more beneficial for an English learner to learn phonics, rather than relying on Japanese katakana, or other such keys.

Can an Elementary school child really learn to speak English well?

Although most children start learning English in Elementary school, you don’t hear about many progressing very far.
So, how do you help them start speaking English?
Many parents feel that if a child merely starts developing skill by listening to a foreign native speaker, reading can wait until the child is older. However, by increasing a child’s reading and writing skills at an early age, the child can get a better feel for making their own sentences. As a child’s reading comprehension grows, so does their listening ability and it is also related to raising the child’s speaking level.
At MSP, we feel that raising all of a child’s abilities is an important step in improving a child’s English speaking. It’s because of this, that an Elementary school student, even starting at a higher grade level can reach our RI level by the time he/she reaches Junior High.

What’s special about our reading classes?

A Japanese teacher adjusting to a child’s level, guides students through our original writing and reading worksheets. In a typical English school phonics lesson 10minues is spent repeating simple words, and children don’t get a chance to develop their reading and writing skills while listening to a native speaker. At our school, children get the individual attention they need, and are allowed to repeat again and again until they have mastered our original worksheets. In this way, an elementary school-aged child can learn to read at junior high school level.

◆MSP reading levels
Beginner RB1 Children learn to read upper and lowercase letters.
RB2 After children learn to distinguish between vowels an consonants、they begin to read 3 letter words and learn to spell a word by listening to its pronunciation.
Intermediate R1 Students can recognize and pronounce double vowels and consonants
Advanced RA1 Students can read at a 1st year junior high school level
RA2 Students can read at a 2nd year junior high school level
RA3 Students can read at a 3rd year junior high school level
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