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Miki Study Pals Original Phonics DVD

Now on sale! Created by and starring three of our own teachers!

Phonics are the sounds associated with each letter in the English alphabet and are aimed at 5 year olds to Elementary-aged children. If mastered, phonics allow kids to “sound out” words they are reading just like a native English speaking child. Using a video, even younger Children can learn the phonics, and enjoy them any time in their own home.
Original Phonics DVD
Beginner(2discs)Intermediate(3dsics)5disc set Price:9,800円(incl. tax)

“Alphabet Joe and Other Songs for Kids

Miki Study Pals Original CD

All of the children’s favorite songs like 「Head and shoulders」「Bingo」 「Itsy Bitsy Spider」are here, sung by MSP teachers!
This CD is frequently played at lunch time in our young kids’ classes while the kids eat, getting the kids to tap their feet and encouraging them to sing along in English.
It has become a valuable part of our lessons.
For those parents who are worried about the speed of the songs, remember they are written for young children, and each has a relaxed, easy to sing pattern.

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